What are the 8 AgiMixx strains?

Streptococcus thermophilus: DSM 32245 Bifidobacterium: B. lactis DSM 32246, B. lactis DSM 32247 Lactobacillus: L. [...]

What are the 8 AgiMixx strains?2019-02-20T18:33:13+01:00

How to take AgiMixx?

Open the sachet and stir the contents into 100 ml [...]

How to take AgiMixx?2019-02-13T11:11:08+01:00

How to store my AgiMixx?

The bacteria are live and lyophilized, it is best to [...]

How to store my AgiMixx?2018-08-29T15:08:44+02:00
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