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Agimixx box and sachet

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Ingrédients (per sachet)

AgiMixx contains Slab51 a combination of 8 specific bacterial strains in a base of maltose. Forest fruits flavor.

8 strains and 100 billion bacteria per sachet:

  • streptococcus thermophilus DSM 32245
  • 2 Bifidobacterium: B. lactis DSM 32246, B. lactis DSM 32247
  • 5 Lactobacillus: L. acidophilus DSM 32241, L. helveticus DSM 32242, L. paracasei DSM 32243, L. plantarum DSM 32244, L. brevis DSM 27961

AgiMixx is allergen free.

Its strains and its high concentration of 100 billion live, active and vital bacteria per sachet ensure an optimal colonization to restore  the balance of the intestinal flora.


The bacteria are live and lyophilized, so it is important to keep AgiMixx in the refrigerator (2 ° to 8 ° C) and away from light. Nevertheless, the product can stay up to a week out of the refrigerator at 24 ° C maximum without affecting its quality.

The cold chain is maintained throughout the manufacturing process and ensures the protection and potency of the bacterial strains.

Recommended use

The recommended daily intake is 1 to 2 sachets. It is recommended to take AgiMixx just before bedtime. The improvement can already be felt after a few days. AgiMixx can be taken for as long as necessary.

To take AgiMixx:
Open the sachet and stir the contents into 100 ml of cold non-carbonated drink, yogurt or applesauce and ingest immediately.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.