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Managing your seniority to feel good every day

We are challenged every day in our adult lives by our professional, social, cultural, sports activities. It contributes to our balance and our fulfilment.

To maintain this potential over the long term, a suitable lifestyle should be adopted as soon as possible:

5 tips to adopt to fight off the effects of time

  1. Adopt a diet high in antioxidants to fight off the free radicals responsible for aging. Vegetables, legumes and fresh fruit are the mainstays of this diet which must also include good quality proteins to preserve muscle mass.
  2. Shun sedentary lifestyle and replace it with regular physical activity.
  3. Evacuate the stress and particularly oxidative stress, practice a relaxing activity.
  4. Maintain your curiosity, keep a social network, share moments with your loved ones or friends.
  5.  Take care of your microbiota, which is so important to your well-being but is impoverished with age.