Nowadays, the problem of lack of sleep has become a real plague. Its impact and consequences affect our health both physically and mentally and also our capacities, moods and emotions.

Who doesn’t hear these few sentences every day, which reflect different problems and characteristics of poor quality sleep.

I can’t fall asleep, I am insomniac, I am awake at 5am, I wake up several times a night, I am tired, I get up already exhausted….. I DON’T SLEEP WELL!

This poor sleep, in addition to the condition it brings, can cause, in more or less long term, health issues such as depression, lowered immune defenses and weight loss or gain, etc. facing such a health problem, research is taking a very close look at it.

It is now known that our gut, often referred to as the “second brain”, is linked to many illnesses when the intestinal flora is not balanced. This is called gut dysbiosis. Recent studies establish a link between the sleep and this unbalanced microbiota: the intestinal flora would act on our sleep via the gut-brain axis. In short, we must understand that some of our intestinal bacteria could influence the quality of our nights!

If bacteria are part of the problem with an imbalance in their quantity, or even in their variety, isn’t it obvious to think that rebalancing our intestinal microbiota would help us getting back to a good sleep?

So this year, in search of a restful sleep, choose a new pillow but don’t forget a good probiotic.