Appreciate the calm of winter games by the fireplace: cards, puzzles, scrabble, crosswords to train your memory, the best way to keep active your intellectual abilities.

Guarantee restorative nights because a good sleep is essential, respect your circadian rhythm and promote a relaxing and peaceful sleep.

Invest your energy in Yoga, Pilate or soft gym, which contribute to muscle toning and improve movements fluidity.

Mix seasonal vegetable and fruits, balanced nutrition and good hydration are essential for a healthy living.

Improve your eating habits, avoid junk food, but also tobacco and alcohol which may give you the illusion of pleasure, but will slowly destroy you.

Xylophone or why not the piano, dive into the musical activities which are ideal to stimulate cognitive functions, and training with closed windows for not having a cold is a gift for neighbors.

Xx like AgimiXX the probiotic to maximize our youth capital, fight against natural decline of intestinal bacteria and restore the intestinal barrier.

Our way of life today is writing our future, so optimize your wellness with A-G-I-M-I-X-X